Latest Updates

Autumn bus times

From Tuesday 26 September  to 29 October 2017 we shall operate our autumn timetable. The service operates every 15 minutes.

For up-to-date info please Facebook or Twitter.

Note: From 30 October we will operate every 30 minutes between 0930 and 1630.


Customers are advised we are unable to carry large items of luggage on the bus as we do not have suitable storage facilities to carry such items.

Smaller bags/hand luggage style items are carried as long as they remain with the passenger at their feet or under their seat. Left luggage facilities are available at Queen Street station next to stop 1.

Accepting £1 coins 

Could all customers please note from 15 October 2017 we are unable to accept round £1 coins. From this date, only the new 12-sided one pound coin shall be valid on our buses. We thank you for your patience and would encourage you to take old coins to the bank or Post Office where it should be converted to a valid currency.